A Little Self-Publishing Humor…

I’m doing the final edits on my next novel, and once I send it off to my editor, I’ll record a couple of new shows (I’ve scribbled down some notes for talking about how to build a platform and also about how self-publishing can lead to a traditional publishing deal). Stay tuned, and in the meantime, a little humor&#

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Episode #8: Pros and Cons of Writing a Series

Another show that I recorded way back in January or so. I promise it’s all still relevant! The only change for me is that I now have four books out in my main series instead of three, and that I have even more readers on Facebook, Twitter, and the new fan forum who are asking for the next. Of course, [&hellip

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Episode #7: My Big Ol’ List of Promotional Activities That Helped (and some that didn’t)

Don’t fall out of your chair in surprise, but I’m uploading a new show. A mere six months after I recorded it. There’s some useful information (if I do say so myself) that should still be relevant today. Thanks for checking it out, and thank you to those who have stopped by and listened and commented over the last few [&hellip

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How to Generate Your First Professionally Formatted Mobi File

I’ll have a new podcast up for you guys in a couple of days (it’s already recorded — the next two are recorded in fact), but in the mean time, I have a guest post to help the new folks. The subject is formatting, and indie author Curtis Hox is here to give you some advice. These are the techniques [&hellip

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Self-Publishing / E-Publishing Meetup for Seattle / Everett Authors

I know most of you guys are from all over the world, but I’m sure there are a few authors interested in e-publishing in my cloudy corner of it. For those in the Seattle/Everett area, I’m starting a digital publishing meetup. Seattle/Everett E-Publishing & Book Promotion Group If you’re not familiar with Meetup.com, it doesn’t cost anything to join, and [&hellip

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Episode #6: Amazon KDP Select, E-Publishing News, and What’s Working for Me

E-publishing should have its biggest year yet in 2012. Are you prepared? Today I discuss what’s been happening, especially with Amazon and the KDP Select program, as well as what’s helped me have my best earnings months for the last two months. Show Notes: Lots of new e-readers for Christmas Discussing the Amazon KDP Select Lending Program. Should you do [&hellip

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Is There a Secret to Self-Publishing Success?

I’m coming up on my one year anniversary for self-publishing. In that time, I’ve published four novels (I had two written coming into this, but I did manage to write two full novels this year as well), two novellas, and some shorter stories. I haven’t become a bestseller or some phenom that the traditional publishers are drooling over, but I [&hellip

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Author Branding Questions?

I spent a good deal of time writing up a post on author branding over on my personal blog this week, so if you’re wondering, “What the Heck is Author Branding and How Do You Do It Anyway?” please check that article out. If you have any questions or comments on branding, feel free to ask me here or leave [&hellip

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Creating Your Own Cover Art with Jenna E Johnson

When it came to cover art, I knew I didn’t have the artistic background to handle the project myself, so I hired someone. A lot of independent authors do seem to have artistic ability though, and they’re interested in doing their own cover art. Or maybe it’s just a matter of necessity because they can’t afford to hire someone yet. [&hellip

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Episode #5: Pricing Ebooks and Paperbacks When You Self-Publish

Today’s show discusses pricing for ebooks and the POD (print on demand) paperbacks most of us will be dealing with when we self-publish. Show notes: Paperback pricing Upfront costs are low with POD, so no need to pay for an entire print run or anything crazy. My POD publisher is CreateSpace, and I’ve been quite pleased with them (quality of [&hellip

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